Immortal Fog, ecigExpress’ all-new premium e-liquid line is touching down in just over three days’ time, and you might be asking yourself what’s up with the name. Immortal Fog was formulated with two goals in mind. First, it’s a line of delicious e-liquid that’s sure to appeal to every vaper, and secondly, it’s the answer to two of the most important questions about vaping: “why should I vape,” and “what do I vape.” We’ll be discussing the flavors in more detail later this week, so here’s why those questions are important.

Immortal Fog

Immortal Fog Logo


The two key concepts behind some of the language we use to describe Immortal Fog are “lifetime” and “journey.” The concept of life is very important to us here at ecigExpress because our business began with a respiratory therapist’s frustration in watching the negative effects of long-term smoking on his patients’ health.

We wanted to key into this concept because electronic cigarettes are known to help smokers reduce their smoking, or even to quit altogether. The American Heart Association confirms that E-liquids are a safer alternative to nicotine and can help reduce the risk of respiratory illness. In short: if you’re a smoker, switching to vaping is going to lengthen your life and improve its quality.

Immortal Fog Labels

Immortal Fog Labels


Well, if vaping’s going to help imrpove your quality of life, then what did we mean when I said that Immortal Fog was also about the idea of a journey? Above, you can see the image label for our flavor Infinite Bliss, Immortal Fog is meant to take care of you for every step in your vaping journey.

Consequently, although we encourage you to try each of our delicious flavors, we very carefully considered how each of them can help you stay away from analogue cigarettes. Thus, The Beast is is an excellent flavor for vapers who are beginning their transition away from traditional cigarettes, Awakening’s simple sweetness and uncomplicated flavor profile make it ideal for vapers who are starting to get used to sweet e-liquid flavors, and different flavor notes in Ascension and Infinite Bliss come out at different voltage settings on your electronic cigarette.

With Immortal Fog, we want to support your journey into vaping every step of the way. With Immortal Fog, we wish you the best, and we hope you’ll love our flavors as much as we do.

Immortal Fog will be available at ecigExpress retail and online stores, as well as at other participating retail locations, on Friday, March 6, 2015.