I ordered a DSE901 e-cig on August 10th and received
it on August 14th. I also ordered some menthol carts and some blank carts.
Shipping was super fast and the products are very fairly priced. Here is my
review. Items are rated on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being very bad and 10
being excellent.

Appearance/size – 9 – The DSE901 that I ordered is black. There is a gold
stripe where the atomizer connects to the battery. It is very stylish and
sleek. This e-cig is not huge, but it isn’t the smallest either. I would
says it is about 4 inches long or so. It seems to be the perfect size for

Price – 10 – I paid $45.95 plus $4.95 shipping for my DSE901 starter kit.
The kit came with two batteries, two atomizers, charger, and 5 filled
cartridges. This was the best price I found on the DSE901 starter kit. The
best part is that it came with two atomizers. All of the other kits I looked
at only had one atomizer.

Battery life – 9 – The batteries for this e-cig are amazing! The batteries I
received in my starter kit came fully charged. Two fully charged batteries
last all day for me, even when I am vaping pretty heavy. I leave for work
about 5:15am, take both batteries with me, and I am set all day. I get home
about 4pm, charge my dead battery and the other battery is still going at it
until about 7pm or so. The batteries take less than an hour to charge and I
don’t have to worry about taking them off of the charger as soon as they are
fully charged because they don’t backfeed and lose their charge like the
Blucig does.

Vapor – 10 – This e-cig produces a massive amount of vapor! I have used the
filled cartridges and e-liquid and I get a consistently high amount of vapor
with every drag (unless the battery needs to be charged).

Cartridges – 10 – The cartridges for this model of e-cig are thin whistle
tipped. I love the design of these carts. They are very easy to get your
lips around and very comfortable to use. The filling in the carts hold quite
a bit of liquid so they last for a good while. For instance, I put a coffee
flavored one on last night and I am still using it right now at 5:44pm. One
of the best things about the carts is that you can re-use them and fill them
with different kinds of liquid. I was able to use one cart for about 6 days
before I had to throw the filling away because it was breaking down. It is
pretty easy to tell when the filling is breaking down too.

Shipping/Customer Service – 10 – Like I said before, shipping was super
fast.  I had no problems at all so I did not have to contact
customer service for any help. I was able to track my package for free. When
I received my starter kit I also received three cards to give to my friends
with a code for a 10% discount on any order.

Overall, I would give the DSE901 a 9 out of 10. It is almost perfect and I
absolutely love it!

Prefilled Carts – I have tried a couple of the prefilled carts for this
model of e-cig. By far my favorite is the Apple flavored cartridge.
This cartridge has a nice sweet apple flavor coupled
with a mild tobacco flavor. It is absolutely excellent. I will either be
ordering more of them or I will be ordering the apple flavored e-liquid from
their website. Yum!!

E-liquid – I love the fact that I can choose what flavor I am going to be
vaping and I love mixing my own e-liquids. My absolute favorite e-liquid is
the 36mg unflavored e-liquid from www.ecigexpress.com. This is THE BEST
liquid to use to make your own flavors. I have made a ton of different
flavors and the best I have tasted is the banana creme that I made. I used
36mg unflavored e-liquid from www.ecigexpress.com, glycerin, and banana
creme flavoring from Lorann Oils. It is very simple, but very delicious. It
almost tastes like banana runts.

The marlboro flavored e-liquid from www.ecigexpress.com is also very good. I
like mixing a little bit of strawberry flavoring with it. I could vape it
all day long.

To sum it all up, the DSE901 is by far my favorite e-cig for the various reasons listed above. My favorite e-liquid is the 36mg unflavored from www.ecigexpress.com because I can make my own flavors with it.

Jamie C.