A recent press release from the FDA indicated that their testing discovered levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines, or TSNA’s.  TSNA’s are also found in other nicotine replacement therapies (Nicorette gum, nicotine gum, snus, chewing tobacco).  What is alarming is the fact that the FDA has done no comparisons to these other products to give the consumer the ability to decide for themselves if ecigs are for them.  First of all, tobacco is a proven killer.  TSNA’s are found in nicotine gum.  Why is it that the FDA has zero problems with the known killer, but a big problem with a product with TSNA’s.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the other NRT’s had zero TSNA’s, but they do.   There are carcinogens in many many products.  We would rather them not exist, but they do.  However, electronic cigarettes APPEAR to be a lot less hazardous than tobacco.  Since ecigs have not been around for that long (A few years), there is limited data regarding their safety.  We as consumers, choose what to ingest, what to inhale, and what skin care products to put on our bodies.  The world is full of toxic chemicals, which I’m sure we ingest daily.  We would like to reduce this threat as much as possible.  Since ecigs are marketed towards CURRENT TOBACCO USERS over the age of 18, isn’t it safe to assume that ecigs are not any more toxic, but perhaps less toxic?  I am of the belief that if you can get off of traditional tobacco, you will be better off.  However, FDA is only painting the picture in one light.  They are focusing on this one products without comparing it to the alternative – Yes, TOBACCO.  Please FDA, at least do some more research on this.  Traditional tobacco is a proven killer, ecigs are a newer technology with a lot of potential.  Ecigs, just like nicorette gums and patches all have their associated risk profile.  Educate the public, don’t scare them.

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