I ordered the Joye 510 as I read reviews that it was a great beginner e-cig
and offered a great throat hit. My order arrived within a couple of days as
promised and I charged her up and began vaping. I am in sales and travel
quite a bit and endure long sales meetings. I bought the Joye 510 to use on
airplanes and during the meetings that don’t allow for may breaks for
smoking. I also have a boss who is riding me to quit smoking so vaping made
a lot of sense for me. I am really happy with this product. I also
purchased the 30ml e-juice so I can refill as needed. It really works to
satisfy my nicotine cravings. I initially purchased for the above reasons
but can see that I may be able to cut down my regular cigarette habit and
maybe even quit because of this product. I have tried many times in the
past using the patch and gum with no long term success. I really think this
is a wonderful replacement for smoking and am really happy I discovered this
product and information from your web site and others. You had the best
overall price for the Joye 510 kit as well as the e-juice refill… not to
mention, great customer service and quality products.

Thank you very much,
New Vapie and loyal customer for life.

Lora H