Maintenance of an ecig:

To maximize performance of an electronic cigarette, there are a few maintenance steps that should be utilized:

1) Routinely clean the battery and atomizer connectors.  e-liquid buildup will cause the connectors to amass a film over them, which could prevent proper electrical connection. Clean the connectors with some isopropyl alcohol to maintain a clean connection.  Be sure not to get any solution into a battery that is not sealed.

2) An atomizer is not meant to last forever but there are some steps that can be used to try to revive older or underperforming atomizers.

a. Soak the atomizer overnight in a solution:  Recommend using a mix of the purest iso-alcohol, with some distilled vinegar.   This will allow the e-juice buildup in the atomizer to break and also loosen up buildup on the atomizer coil.

b. After soaking, let the atomizer dry.  Alternatively you can also boil the atomizer for a short time in a mixture of distilled water and distilled vinegar.  After the boil let them sit and dry.  For the impatient, blow any excess liquid out and put the atomizer in a toaster oven at 150 degrees for 10 minutes.

c. Once the atomizer has dried it is necessary to re-prime them.  Add drops of e-liquid and drag on them, repeat the dripping of liquid into the mesh and drag until vapor production is restored.