My husband has Glaucoma and was told by his Doctor that he must to quit
smoking for this reason. He loves to smoke and has been smoking for many
years, I have tried every other method to help him to stop smoking regular
cigarettes and nothing has helped.

A friend told me about the 510 Joye and to be honest, I thought it would be
another waste of money but I decided to give it a try anyway. The first
thing he said when I gave the new cigarette to him was a big NO Way!
However, to make me happy he said he would try it for one day. By the end of
the day he was ready to toss his regular cigarettes in the trash can. He has
not smoked a regular cigarette since that day. Starting with the full
strength smoke juice he has worked his way down to the lightest and will
soon move to zero nicotine.

I have also switched to Joye 510 and could not be happier. The change from
regular cigarettes to the Joye 510 could not have been easier.

Beth M