I just got my first e-cig. A cheap model off Amazon. I keep reading
reviews and seeing the Joye 510 has the best of the reviews. I figure if
this cheap one has done the trick to keep me smoke free for three days just
imagine what I could accomplish with one that worked better. Maybe be done
for good!

One thing I don’t understand is the FDA’s resistance to something that works
for all of us who tried and exhausted every other method out there. I can
see the concern over children getting there hands on them, but face it I
would rather have my kid get a hold of one these than pack of smokes.
Besides the price tag on these and the mail order to get them make fairly
unattainable for most children. So what is the real concern? I say its
fear that those outrageous taxes put on cigarettes may not support the
government as much as they hoped as us smokers one by one smarten up!

I am currently saving to get the Joye kit and the liquids to try refilling.
I hope that in a few weeks I can start quitting cigs forever with
e-juice and Joye kit!