With the August 8th cut-off date for the FDA’s comments on their proposed ecig regulations behind us, people have been coming out of the woodwork to share theirs. Here are a couple very good ones that provide us with a lot of food for thought:


“The proposed regulation and accompanying publications by FDA are misleading, arbitrary and capricious for numerous reasons, and thus are not a legitimate basis for rulemaking.”

Bill Godshall:

“If the FDA remains misguidedly intent upon imposing regulations on e-cig products, however, the agency should propose far less onerous e-cig regulations similar to those proposed as an option for large premium cigars, which are more hazardous than e-cigs when smoked and inhaled daily.”

Lorillard (makers of Blu e-cigs):

“[The FDA should] Exercise enforcement discretion not to require premarket review for electronic cigarettes on the market before the effective date of the final deeming regulation”

These comments are all fairly long, and very interesting. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more soon. What do you think stands out about these? What about your own comment? What did you say to the FDA? Share your comment below!