5ml Childproof LDPE Bottle

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5ml Childproof Dropper Bottle LDPE

Childproof dropper bottles offer the ultimate in convenience and safety.  These bottles come in handy for multiple occasions, including travel, mixing your own recipes, DIY gifts, and more!  Made with food safe LDPE.

Material: LDPE
Size:  5ml
Cap color:  Varies.


LDPE is an acronym for low-density polyethylene.

LDPE plastic is one of the more common plastics used today.  LDPE is extremely popular due to its flexibility, durability, and its chemical resistance.

LDPE is often used for flexible lids, ketchup containers, frozen food containers, coatings for milk containers, and much more.

Did you know that LDPE can be recycled?  Recycle code #4. 

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