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DIY or DIE One Shots

Flavor Jungle is proud to partner with DIY or DIE One Shots to bring you these delicious and wildly complex flavor concentrates to add to your mixing arsenal.

Wayne from DIY or DIE gained notoriety from his popular and critically acclaimed recipes under pseudonym ENYAWKREKLAW. The focus of every recipe is flavor, jaw dropping and delicious flavors, that would wow the community and peers alike.

Pushing the boundaries of recipe crafting, Wayne quickly became one of the main figureheads in DIY mixing with his work on DIY or DIE on Youtube, InTheMix Podcast & Magazine,  all while still putting out chart topping recipes.

Until now, it's never been easier to mix up your favorite ENYAWREKLAW recipes. When you have DIY's biggest name and Flavor Jungle, DIY's favorite vendor, come together you get one of the most innovative and impressive products on the market. Don't forget the amazing watercolors on the bottle done by artist Matt Kocanda.

All at a value impossible to beat. No where else can you get over 200ml+ of high quality recipes for less than $10. Great for beginners looking to get into DIY mixing, or the advanced mixer looking to have something quick and easy to mix while crafting your own recipes, or those just looking for an amazing value.

How to use: Just use your favorite recipe calculator and input the specified percentage located on the bottle to drop right into your base. Give it a good shake, steep for the recommended time, and voila, you have created some of the best juice in vaping.

It's that easy.

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    Rose Milk by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Are you interested in the most popular One Shot Flavor Concentrate in the market? Rose Milk DIY or DIE One Shot Concentrates is the most...

    Funfetti OG by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Referred to Wayne as one of his most difficult recipes to create, Funfetti OG offers a Decadent and Rich Birthday Cake flavor, covered with Sweet...

    Rhodonite by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots The recipe that started it all. Rhodonite is perfectly balanced Raspberry & Apple Macaron, topped with powdered sugar.   BEST MIXED AT 9.3%

    Cuprian by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots This recipe is a creamy and rich mint ice cream with perfectly layered milk chocolate chips in the background. This is one of Wayne’s longest...

    Stacio RY4U by DIY or DIE One Shots

    Stacio RY4U One Shots Flavor profile is light and sweet pistachio laid upon a warm sugar cookie accompanied by a smooth and thick base of caramel and slight touches of...

    Rosky Milk by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots A recipe that took over 6 months of development, Rosky Milk is one of the most authentic cereal milk flavors to date. If you're tired...

    Blackout by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Peanut butter enveloped in soft caramel, topped on graham cracker, perfected.  Best mixed at 15% and steeped for a week, but great right off a...

    Elizabeth's Custard by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Rich, warm vanilla, on a thick body of eggy, buttery cream, this recipe will satisfy even the most dedicated custard-heads out there. Recommended Starting Percentage: 13.5%

    Obsidian by DIY or DIE One Shots

    One Shots Its main profile is warm cookie dough, blended with touches of caramel and graham cracker, with a light touch of an earthy note on the end. Recommended Starting...

    Milkboi by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Designed for fruit and cereal candy recipes, Milkboi offers the authentic taste of whole milk, with a slightly sweet vanilla flavor and soft dairy aftertaste. ...

    HoneyDEWWEY Milk Tea by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots A refreshing and bright honeydew milk tea flavor with nuances of cantaloupe that is perfect for a refreshing fruit flavor. This concentrate is best mixed...

    Bronuts by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Bronuts flavor. Recommended Starting Percentage: 11.5%
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