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Flavors Express

Always fresh, always delicious, try Flavors Express's unique and flavorful varieties for your flavor adventures.  Flavors Express brand is considered to be Super Concentrate (SC) which means that less flavor may be used to achieve the desired result.


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    Lemon by Flavors Express (SC)

    The sour and juicy flavor of lemon comes on strong in this concentrated flavoring, so you only need a drop or two to turn your standard recipe into a refreshing...

    Sweet Rice by Flavors Express (SC)

    Enjoy the authentic taste of Sweet Rice in your next DIY recipe. Sweet Rice by Flavors Express mixes well with dessert and bakery flavors.

    Mango by Flavors Express (SC)

    The worldwide renowned sweet flavor of ripe Mango needs no introduction. Add a drop or two of this concentrated Mango flavor to your DIY recipe and enjoy the taste of the tropics....

    Menthol by Flavors Express (SC)

    Menthol is pure minty coolness, and this particular Menthol flavoring is highly concentrated. Take care, because just a small amount is all you need to create a delicious DIY recipe. For...

    Banana by Flavors Express (SC)

    The comforting sweet and aromatic flavor of Banana is sure to put a smile on your face once you add a drop or two to your candy recipe.

    Coconut by Flavors Express (SC)

    The unique flavor of Coconut, known worldwide, is just as refreshing on its own as combined with other flavors in your DIY recipe. Use Coconut by itself for a taste...

    Sweet Strawberry by Flavors Express (SC)

    Sweet Strawberry by Flavors express is a ripe sweet strawberry flavor that works well in beverage, dessert, fruit and candy DIY recipes. We recommend mixing this flavor with other fruit...

    Turkish by Flavors Express (SC)

    $3.49 $2.99
    The bold, earthy flavor of Turkish with its spicy undertones is a favorite for good reason. Add the flavor of Turkish in your next mix that requires this aromatic profile....

    Orange by Flavors Express (SC)

    $2.99 $0.99
    Orange is the sweet and tangy breakfast and juice flavor that seems to go with nearly everything. Used by itself to flavor a DIY recipe, Orange gives your recipe a...

    Tobacco Additive Aromatics by Flavors Express (SC)

    $3.49 $2.99
    Tobacco Additive Aromatics Note: this aroma is highly concentrated. Start at 1%, and then adjust based on application.

    Vanilla by Flavors Express (SC)

    $2.99 $2.49
    This highly concentrated Vanilla flavor is sure to satisfy all of your Vanilla needs. Vanilla is a sweet spice whose mildness makes for an ideal flavor to experiment with. We...

    French Pipe Aromatics by Flavors Express (SC)

    With its rich aroma of French pipe , French Pipe is a robust and versatile pipe flavor, modeled after one of the best-known flavors in the world. Try some French...

    Green Tea by Flavors Express (SC)

    Are you looking for an authentic Green Tea Flavor for your next DIY recipe? Your search is over! Green Tea from Flavors Express is the perfect addition for tea lovers!...

    MLB by Flavors Express (SC)

    $3.49 $2.99
    Earthy taste will invigorate your next recipe.  MLB is a rugged flavor so combine it with other flavors as part of your recipe.  Note: this flavor is highly concentrated. Start...

    Virginia by Flavors Express (SC)

    $3.49 $2.99
    The bright, clean flavor of the delicious and world-famous Virginia is a fan favorite, and you just need to try it for yourself to find out why! Note: this flavor...

    Sweet Grape by Flavors Express (SC)

    Sweet Grape by Flavors Express is a perfect candy grape flavor for those looking to emulate grape soda or grape candy flavors in their next DIY recipe. We recommend mixing it...

    Kiwi Strawberry by Flavors Express (SC)

    The classic fruit-fusion mixture of Kiwi Strawberry makes for the ultimate combination of fruit flavors. Try some Kiwi Strawberry in your DIY recipe for a sweet and tart flavor, or...

    555 by Flavors Express (SC)

    This is the express train to flavor country, 555 Flavor country, that is. A woodsy type flavor with a bitter taste, 555 Flavor makes for a tasty flavor, with a bitterness offset...
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