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FlavourArt (also known as FA flavors) is a leading manufacturer of high quality flavor concentrates. We are proud to be one of their biggest distributors. FA flavors taste authentic, and they produce a variety of fruit, dessert, tobacco, sweet, and spice flavor concentrates.
If you’re new to flavors, you might be wondering why so many mixers use this brand. It’s because FlavourArt flavors taste authentic (rather than candy-like), and they are easy to use.  Let’s go into a little more detail before you explore the product catalog.
What Do They Taste Like?
Their flavors taste authentic. For example, if you use their Fuji Apple, your recipe will taste just like eating a real Apple. The nice thing is that you don’t have to guess what the flavor will taste like. You’ll generally get the flavor that you expect, so there are no surprises.
Most mixers include different brands in their creations. If you want a strawberry candy flavor, for example, you might use Red Touch (Strawberry) and mix it with a Sweet Strawberry Cream and other candy fruit flavors.
These flavors are also VERY affordable, so you’ll be able to make a lot of DIY recipes at a low cost. 
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    Strawberry (Red Touch) by FlavourArt

    Strawberry (Red Touch) by FlavourArt Are you looking for a concentrated Strawberry flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of FlavourArt flavor concentrates in the U.S. Strawberry (Red...

    Fuji Apple by FlavourArt

    Fuji Apple by FlavourArt Are you looking for a concentrated Fuji Apple flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of FlavourArt flavor concentrates in the U.S. Fuji Apple...

    Forest Fruit Mix by FlavourArt

    A combined blend of the sweet and often tart flavors of many berries, by itself, Forest Fruit Mix by FlavourArt gives you a rich and mysterious experience. Forest Fruit Mix...

    Fresh Cream by FlavourArt

    The sweet flavor and feel of fresh cream. Use it by itself in a DIY recipe, or combine it with fruit and dessert flavors. Mixes well with dessert, fruit, citrus, and mint...

    Meringue by FlavourArt

    The light and sweet taste of meringue adds a dessert taste to your DIY recipe. We recommend mixing it with marshmallow, cream, citrus, fruit, vanilla, chocolate, and floral flavors. You...

    Lemon Sicily by FlavourArt

    Bring the tangy, zesty, slightly sweet flavor of Sicilian Lemons to your DIY recipe, or use it by itself for its own refreshing flavor. Lemon Sicily mixes well with fruit, soda, dessert,...

    Cookie by FlavourArt

    Cookie by FlavourArt provides the perfect sweet flavor of cookies for your next dessert-themed DIY recipe.

    Vienna Cream by FlavourArt

    Add the exotic flavor of Vienna Cream frosting to your favorite fruit, confection, or dessert flavors to bring out the taste of your DIY recipe. Or, use this flavor by itself...

    White Peach by FlavourArt

    You really can't go wrong with white peach. Modeled after the juicy peaches grown on Mount Etna, off the eastern coast of Sicily, FlavourArt has perfected the delicate balance between...

    Coconut by FlavourArt

    Coconut by FlavourArt is thick and rich in flavor with a unique hint of sweetness, perfect for your tropical-themed DIY recipe.

    Marshmallow by FlavourArt

    Marshmallow is a campfire classic with a soft and sweet flavor and subtle aftertaste. Use Marshmallow by itself for its subtle sweetness, or mix it with dessert, chocolate, citrus or...

    Coffee (Dark Bean Espresso) by FlavourArt

    Coffee (Dark Bean Espresso) by FlavourArt is ideal for the feeling of a morning jolt, or used in combination with dessert, and liquor drink flavors.

    Juicy Strawberry by FlavourArt

    FlavourArt has done it again with an impeccable and well-rounded strawberry flavor! Juicy strawberry by FlavourArt boasts complex layers of strawberry that possess familiar strawberry notes. We recommend mixing it...

    Custard by FlavourArt

    A sweet and savory taste that complements vanilla, spice, and dessert flavors. 

    Caramel by FlavourArt

    The sweet and sugary taste of all the treats, puddings and dessert you remember from your childhood now comes to you in a flavor that won't tire you out. Caramel...

    Kiwi by FlavourArt

    Kiwi is a sweet and tangy flavor that will add a dramatic tropical pizazz to any DIY recipe. We recommend mixing this flavor with sweet fruit, floral, and dessert flavors....

    MTS Wizard by FlavourArt

    MTS stands for mellow, thick, and smooth, which is why this flavor can be so useful in your DIY recipe. It acts as a flavor booster. Be careful, though, because...

    Joker (Burlone) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    Burlone (joker) is a favorite dessert made into sweet little cookies. It tastes like a cannoli! Try some in your DIY recipe. Recommended Percentage: 6%

    Mango (Costarica Special) by FlavourArt

    Mango is a juicy and refreshing sweet flavor that tastes great on its own (after all, it *is* a symbol of perfection!). It also mixes well with other sweet flavors...

    SOHO by FlavourArt

    An intense and dark flavor from Flavorart. A truly American creation providing subtle Italian earth notes, this flavor stands very well on its own.  
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