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Offering some amazing flavors with excellent staying power, Inawera flavors is one of our favorite brands to use in DIY recipes. Whether you're looking for something simple or some additional staying power in a DIY recipe, we encourage you to try this excellent selection of flavors!

Inawera is home to many delicious and unique flavors for your recipes, and their natural flavorings are so close to the real thing it's hard to tell the difference! These flavors have an excellent aroma and easy to mix with.

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    Cactus by Inawera

    It’s difficult to describe the unique sweet-tart taste of Cactus by Inawera. All we can really do is tell you that it is delicious. If you like fruit juice flavors...

    Shisha Vanilla by Inawera

    Enjoy the smooth, rich taste of authentic shisha and sweet vanilla with Shish Vanilla by Inawera. Shisha Vanilla is good on its own or when paired with other fruit flavors....

    Biscuit by Inawera

    It's simple, it's a classic, and its rich flavor and subtle sweetness can now be yours all day long with Biscuit by Inawera. Try Biscuit for a calming sweet sensation, or...

    Two Apples by Inawera

    Combining the sweet juiciness of the Red Delicious with the tart dryness of the Granny Smith, Inawera has designed a doozy with Two Apples. 

    Creme Brulee by Inawera

    Enjoy the rich sweet taste of Creme Brulee by inawera in your next DIY recipe! Creme Brulee provides a rubust vanilla custard flavor with hints of caramelized sugar. This flavor mixes well...

    Shisha Raspberry by Inawera

    Those who enjoy Shisha flavors will be quite pleased with Shisha Raspberry from Inawera! Shisha raspberry pairs bright raspberry flavor with premium shisha earth flavors. This flavor is great for...

    Dirty Neutral Base by Inawera

    For a truly genuine tobacco flavor, try Dirty Neutral Base in your next recipe. While most tobacco flavors tend to keep the sweetness or the aroma of tobacco, Dirty Neutral...

    Exotic Fruits by Inawera

    By combining the flavors of fruits from all over the world, Exotic Fruits by Inawera might very well be the best fruit flavor you've ever used. Enjoy the taste of...

    Lime by Inawera

    Lime by Inawera is the perfect flavor to add some tropical flavor to any DIY recipe. Try lime by itself, or add it to your favorite beverage, cream or dessert flavor as...

    Lemon Cake by Inawera

    Lemon Cake by Inawera is a spongey , sweet flavor that pairs well with bakery and dessert flavors for a great tasting DIY recipe. Try adding cream, fruit or chocolate...

    Mango by Inawera

    Can anything taste more delicious than a fresh, sweet, and succulent mango in your recipe? For a taste of the tropics, Inawera's Mango is among the best. We recommend mixing this...

    Banana by Inawera

    Get through your day with the familiar mild sweetness and delicious aroma of Inawera's Banana flavor. Use banana by itself in your DIY recipe, or combine it with chocolate, fruit, floral...

    Marzipan by Inawera

    Enjoy the sweet almond taste of Marzipan from Inawera! Marzipan pairs well with many bakery and dessert recipes, adding a subtle sweet flavor profile to your DIY recipe.

    Blueberry by Inawera

    Keep yourself energized over the course of your day when you use this delicious fruity Blueberry flavor by Inawera. Sweet, rich and succulent, we recommend mixing blueberry with fruit, dessert, beverage or...

    Watermelon by Inawera

    Watermelon is a sweet, juicy, and familiar fruit flavor loved the world over. Fruit lovers are going to love tasting this excellent Watermelon flavor. We recommend mixing this flavor with fruit,...

    Wild Strawberry by Inawera

    No modesty here. Wild Strawberry by Inawera is one of our favorite fruit flavors. For a fruit flavor with a legendary floral aroma, sweet taste, and succulent finish, try using...

    Lemon by Inawera

    Add some zest to your recipe with the rich citrus flavor of Lemon by Inawera. Ideally mixed with beverage, dessert and fruit flavors, Lemon is also a refreshingly energetic flavor when...

    Melon by Inawera

    Sweet, fragrant and juicy, Melon by Inawera is deeply refreshing. Ideal for any fruit recipe, we recommend trying some of this legendary flavor in fruit, dessert and beverage themed DIY...

    Sex On The Beach by Inawera

    A Sex on the Beach is a delicious sweet cocktail, and now you can taste the flavor of one wherever you go! We recommend mixing this flavor with peach, orange,...

    American Type by Inawera

    A classic flavor thatis characterized by its mild earthy notes and slightly bittersweet flavor..
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