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One Shot Flavor Concentrates are premixed recipes made up of flavor concentrates. They offer a convenient way of enjoying your DIY recipes, without the need for spending a lot of time creating your own recipes. We have taken the guesswork out of mixing to make it as easy as possible for you!

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    Rose Milk by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Are you interested in the most popular One Shot Flavor Concentrate in the market? Rose Milk DIY or DIE One Shot Concentrates is the most...

    Sweet Strawberry Cream One Shots

    Just the right blend of sweet strawberries and cream.  During our testing we found that this was great on it's own.  Try starting at 12-15% and adjust to your taste. Specific...

    Blackberry Lemonade One Shots

    Enjoy the taste of sweet taste of harvest fresh blackberries paired with refreshing lemonade flavor and a hint of lime. Recommended Starting Percentage: 14%

    Funfetti OG by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Referred to Wayne as one of his most difficult recipes to create, Funfetti OG offers a Decadent and Rich Birthday Cake flavor, covered with Sweet...

    Mango Mafia One Shots

    Enjoy the the Juicy fresh taste of Mangos in your next DIY mix with Mango Mafia! Simply add the recommended percentage and mix thoroughly to bring out the flavor! Mixing...

    Tiger's Blood One Shots

    If you have the heart of a champion, you will love Tiger's Blood by Express DIY Concentrates! Add the sweet taste of a fruit cocktail with watermelon, cherry, kiwi, and...

    Key Lime Pie One Shots

    If you are a fan of The dessert Key Lime Pie, you will not want to miss out on this delicious recipe concentrate! This one shot possesses an authentic Key...

    Rhodonite by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Rhodonite is perfectly balanced Raspberry & Apple Macaron, topped with powdered sugar. Recommended Starting Percentage: 9.3%

    Stacio RY4U by DIY or DIE One Shots

    Stacio RY4U One Shots Flavor profile is light and sweet pistachio laid upon a warm sugar cookie accompanied by a smooth and thick base of caramel and slight touches of...

    Cuprian by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots This recipe is a creamy and rich mint ice cream with perfectly layered milk chocolate chips in the background. This is one of Wayne’s longest...

    Saturday Morning One Shots

    Relive your youth with the nostalgically delicious taste of this fruity breakfast cereal recipe concentrate! Creamy and sweet in flavor, this mix will satisfy for sweet tooth without rotting your...

    Triple C's by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Triple C's is an extremely complex and layered Caramel cake with an underlying base of “soft-crack” butterscotch topped with a light vanilla cream that is sure...

    Frozen Blue Raspberry One Shots

    Enjoy a frozen paradise of Blue Raspberry flavor! Frozen Blue Raspberry by Express DIY is a deliciously tart and sweet beverage one shot with an icy cool refreshing exhale. This...

    Vanilla Madness One Shots

    Vanilla Madness is a delicious combination of toffee and exotic vanilla flavors, and it's a great flavor for those who love dessert flavors in their DIY mixes. Recommended Starting Percentage:...

    Donut Holes One Shots

    Donut Holes is a sweet and doughy donut One Shot that is EXCELLENT as a standalone mix, yet is light enough to add  fruit or sweet flavors like chocolate or caramel....

    Strawnana One Shots

    Strawnana Enjoy the delicious taste of fresh strawberries paired with creamy banana flavor with Strawnana! Now you can start off your day with this incredible smoothie flavor. Simply add the...

    Minty Menthol One Shots

    Minty Menthol is the flavor for the menthol lover in everyone, and it is one of our hottest sellers. Simultaneously cool, fresh, and satisfying with its menthol and peppermint flavors,...

    Awakening One Shots

    A delicate blend of graham crackers and cookies with cream. Recommended Starting Percentage: 20%

    Mango Sticky Rice

    A popular dessert in Thai Restaurants. Absolutely delicious and full flavored creamy coconut infused sticky rice with ripe slices of juicy mango placed atop. Suggested Percentage: 11.95%

    Applemelon Candy One Shots

    The fruity flavors of fresh apples infused with watermelon, with a candy aftertaste. If you're looking for a fruit candy recipe, this is one you'll want to try!   Recommended...

    Misty by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots This is a rendition of a childhood favorite, the mixed berry Juicy Juice. The recipe contains tons of layers of berry, strawberry, and juicy sweetness....

    Fried Strawberry Ice Cream One Shots

    Enjoy the rich flavor of lightly battered and fried strawberry Ice cream paired with hints of waffle cone in the finish! This is a perfect flavor for those who love creamy...

    Rosky Milk by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Rosky Milk is one of the most authentic cereal milk flavors to date. If you're tired of the "lemon-pledge" cereal flavors that exploded on the...

    POG One Shots

    Enjoy the refreshing tropical blend of Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava!   Recommended Starting Percentage: 16% Recommended Steep Time: 1-3 Days

    Apple Orchard One Shots

    Inspired by the love of Washington Apples, Apple Orchard offers a delicious apple candy flavor that delivers a sweet yet subtle sour apple candy flavor. Try this classy concentrate in...

    Joker (Burlone) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    Burlone (joker) is a favorite dessert made into sweet little cookies. It tastes like a cannoli! Try some in your DIY recipe. Recommended Percentage: 6%

    Space Monkey One Shots

    A delicious blend of cream, bananas, vanilla, and brown sugar. For a bakery One Shot, the taste and convenience is out of this world! Recommended Starting Percentage: 17.5%

    Toucan's Choice One Shots

    Toucan's Choice is the flavor of your favorite fruit packed breakfast cereal. Whether you just love its mysterious combination of fruit flavors, or if you just want to enjoy this...

    Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake One Shots

    Just in time for the harvest and holidays, Pumpkin Spice Cheese Cake is a delicious seasonal recipe one shot that carefully blends harvest spices with creamy layers of cheesecake goodness....

    Avalon One Shots

    An exquisite combination of sweet strawberries and tart lemonade.  Recommended Starting Percentage: 20%

    Blackout by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Peanut butter enveloped in soft caramel, topped on graham cracker, perfected.  Recommended Starting Percentage: 15% Recommended Steep Time: 15 Days

    Root Beer Float One Shots

    If you enjoy the taste Premium Root beer poured over sweet vanilla Ice cream, then try Root Beer Float! Root Beer Float has a classic soda shop taste that is...

    Blue Raspberry One Shots

    Blue Raspberry One Shot is a deliciously tart and sweet beverage one shot whose flavor will remind you the sweet cool relief that Blue Raspberry Popsicle and beverages provided for...

    Banudding Cake by Lars

     The primary taste of Banudding Cake is fruity fried plantain bananas with a hint of creamy smooth pudding, so even though the name sounds a bit misleading, the cake-part comes...

    Blueberry Dream One Shots

    Enjoy the sweet succulent taste of blueberries that have been delicately paired with a light fluffy cream. Blueberry dream is a standalone recipe concentrate  that will satisfy your sweet tooth...

    Infinite Bliss One Shots

    INFINITE BLISS is a flavor for the curious. With its intricate and complex combination of lime, cherry, strawberry, and other fruit flavors, and its sweet candied finish, Infinite Bliss is...

    Strawberry Cream Bar One Shots

    Strawberry Cream Bar Recommended Starting Percentage: 19.5%    

    Menthol Extreme One Shots

    Menthol Xtreme is our strongest menthol flavor. Use it in your next DIY recipe for an amazingly cool sensation. Simply add the recommended percentage, shake up your mix and let...

    Island Nectar One Shots

    Now you can enjoy the the insanely popular flavor of Pineapple Orange and Guava in your next DIY recipe! Start with 11%, then adjust to taste.

    Melodious Melons One Shots

    Melodious melons is a complex blend of honeydew, cantaloupe and coconut all paired with hints of cream, creating a sweet flavor that will bring music to your ears.   Recommended...

    Django's Bounty One Shots

    Django's Bounty    Recommended Starting Percentage: 20%

    Strawberry Custard One Shots

    Enjoy the decadent taste of Strawberry Custard! This recipe pairs ripe strawberries with a sweet creamy custard flavor that is a tried and true favorite!   Recommended Starting Percentage: 15%

    Pineapple Upside-Down Cake One Shots

    Enjoy the sweet bakery flavors of Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Combining sweet, ripe pineapples, cherries, brown sugar, and cake, you're sure to enjoy the taste of this classic American tradition.  Recommended...

    Grape Bubble Gum One Shots

    Grape Bubble Gum One Shots Recommended Starting Percentage: 6.5%

    Elizabeth's Custard by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots Rich, warm vanilla, on a thick body of eggy, buttery cream, this recipe will satisfy even the most dedicated custard-heads out there. Recommended Starting Percentage: 13.5%...

    Jack (Jack) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    Jack provides a bold and sweet strawberry flavor for your DIY recipe. Recommended Percentage: 8%

    Black Honey Leaf One Shots

    Black honey is a sweet and sophisticated flavor that fuses ancient earthy flavor with hints of caramel and cream in the finishing notes. This flavor is more of a specialty...

    Peanut Butter Milkshake by DEVELOPED

    Peanut Butter Milkshake by DINER A delish and decadent combination of peanut butter drowned in a  smooth, malted, milkshake. Recommended Usage:  14% Allow 7 days for the flavors to infuse...

    Banana Cream Delight One Shots

    Start your day right with the sweet flavor of Bananas and Cream Delight! This flavor pairs the taste of delicious bananas with hints of sweet cream and vanilla. Recommended Starting...

    Sugar Cookie Fluff by Ckemist

    $9.99 $8.99
    Ckemist has crafted a delicious dessert to hit all your sugar cravings. Sugar Cookies layered with sweet cream, and a hint of marshmallow fluff. Say hello to your next all...
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