Bottles, Mixing Tools & Safety

Mixing your own DIY e-liquid is the most cost effective way to vape, but to do it safely and effectively, you will need to invest in some lab equipment and safety gear.

Here at ecigExpress, you can find all of the materials you'll need to start making DIY e-juice or to expand your current DIY e-liquid lab.   

We sell empty tamper-proof and childproof e-liquid bottles in a variety of sizes, starting at 10ML. We also sell 500ML and 1-Liter jugs for storing larger amounts of e-liquid. Since all of our bottles are made of plastic, they can be reused if cleaned properly between batches of e-juice.

We also sell graduated syringes for measuring your ingredients and an extensive range of DIY e-liquid mixing supplies like latex gloves, pipettes, graduated cylinders, beakers, and nicotine testing kits to confirm the potency of your e-liquid.

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