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    FlavourArt Flavors: Almond

    Almond by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    With its classic aroma and "nutty" taste, Almond by FlavourArt is sure to bring out the "nut" in you. Almond tastes great by itself, but its true potential comes when you...
    Flavor West flavors: Butter Pecan

    Butter Pecan (FW)

    From $1.99
    Are you looking for a concentrated butter pecan flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of Flavor West flavor extracts in the U.S. You remember the classic flavor:...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): DX Hazelnut
    Capella Flavors: Hazelnut V2

    Hazelnut (V2) by Capella Flavors

    From $2.00
    Capella has done it again! Hazelnut, Version Two by Capella is must-have for those of you who want to enhance the flavor their DIY recipes. Sweet and creamy, this hazelnut...
    Flavor West flavors: Maple Pecan

    Maple Pecan (FW)

    From $1.99
    Are you looking for a concentrated maple pecan flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of Flavor West flavor extracts in the U.S. Maple Pecan offers a balanced mix...
    Marzipan by Inawera

    Marzipan by Inawera

    From $2.99
    Enjoy the sweet almond taste of Marzipan from Inawera! Marzipan pairs well with many bakery and dessert recipes, adding a subtle sweet flavor profile to your DIY recipe.

    Nut Mix by FlavourArt

    Raw almond, walnut and peanut flavors come together in a truly robust DIY flavor. This deep and complex Nut Mix by FlavourArt is the perfect addition to any dessert DIY...

    Pistachio (SC) by Real Flavors

    Enjoy the texture and flavor of salted Pistachio in your next DIY recipe! Pistachio by Real Super Concentrates has a delicious nutty flavor that pairs well in bakery mixes as...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Pistachio

    Pistachio (TFA)

    From $1.59
    Pistachio by The Flavor Apprentice is a deliciously nutty flavor that is as versatile as it is delicious. With its sweet, earthy (not to mention nutty) flavor profile, we have...
    FlavourArt flavors: Torrone

    Torrone by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    A chewy, lite nougat flavor with notes of almond, citrus and honey. This is an excellent flavor for a dessert DIY recipe. You can use it on its own, but we...
    FlavourArt flavors: Walnut

    Walnut by FlavourArt

    From $5.99
    A classic nut flavor with subtle woody undertones, Walnut tastes equally great by itself or mixed in a DIY recipe with nut, floral, confection, or fruit flavors. Many users enjoy this...
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