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    Flavor Jungle Flavors: Sweet Strawberry Cream

    Sweet Strawberry Cream by Jungle Flavors

    From $2.99
    Just the right blend of sweet strawberries and cream.  During our testing we found that this was great on it's own.  Try starting at 12-15% and adjust to your taste. PRO...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Blackberry Lemonade

    Blackberry Lemonade One Shots

    From $8.99
    Enjoy the taste of sweet taste of harvest fresh blackberries paired with refreshing lemonade flavor and a hint of lime. Recommended Starting Percentage: 14%
    FlavourArt Flavors: Joker (Burlone) PAZZO Collection

    Joker (Burlone) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Burlone (joker) is a favorite dessert made into sweet little cookies. It tastes like a cannoli! Try some in your DIY recipe. Recommended Percentage: 6%
    DIY or DIE One Shots: Triple C's

    Triple C's by DIY or DIE One Shots

    From $9.99
    DIY or DIE One Shots This recipe has been considered one of Wayne’s best recipes to date. It’s an extremely complex and layered Caramel cake with an underlying base of “soft-crack”...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Mango Sticky Rice

    Mango Sticky Rice by Shyndo

    From $9.99
    A popular dessert in Thai Restaurants. Absolutely delicious and full flavored creamy coconut infused sticky rice with ripe slices of juicy mango placed atop. Suggested Percentage: 11.95%
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Menthol Extreme

    Menthol Extreme One Shots

    From $6.99
    Menthol Xtreme is our strongest menthol flavor. Use it in your next DIY recipe for an amazingly cool sensation. Simply add the recommended percentage, shake up your mix and let...
    FlavourArt Flavors: Jack PAZZO Collection

    Jack (Jack) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Jack provides a bold and sweet strawberry flavor for your DIY recipe. Recommended Percentage: 8%
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Banudding Cake

    Banudding Cake by Lars

    From $8.99
     The primary taste of Banudding Cake is fruity fried plantain bananas with a hint of creamy smooth pudding, so even though the name sounds a bit misleading, the cake-part comes...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Banana Cream Delight

    Banana Cream Delight One Shots

    From $8.99
    Start your day right with the sweet flavor of Bananas and Cream Delight! This flavor pairs the taste of delicious bananas with hints of sweet cream and vanilla. Try using...
    FlavourArt Flavors: Asso (Ace) PAZZO Collection

    Ace (Asso) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Ace (Asso) by FlavourArt is a delicious medley of tropical fruits from around the world. Sweet and mysterious, sail away to a bright and refreshing tropical getaway! Recommended Percentage: 5%
    DIY or DIE One Shots: Milkboi

    Milkboi by DIY or DIE One Shots

    From $9.99
    DIY or DIE One Shots Designed for fruit and cereal candy recipes, Milkboi offers the authentic taste of whole milk, with a slightly sweet vanilla flavor and soft dairy aftertaste. ...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Blackberry Milk

    Blackberry Milk by mlNikon 30ml

    From $9.99
    Enjoy the flavor of fresh ripe blackberries mixed with delicious vanilla milk. Recommended percentage: 8.5%
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Chilled Strawberry Lemonade

    Chilled Strawberry Lemonade One Shots

    From $8.99
    Chilled Strawberry Lemonade is a carefully balanced beverage flavor profile with kissed with a touch of WS-23 for extra chilling effect. Recommended Starting Percentage: 11.5%
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: RY4-Ever

    RY4-Ever One Shots

    From $9.99
    RY4-ever is a delicious bakery flavor that sits more on the sweet bakery and dessert side of the flavor spectrum. It’s flavor is comparable to a caramel glazed sticky roll...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Sugar Cookie Fluff

    Sugar Cookie Fluff 30ml by Ckemist

    From $7.99
    Ckemist has crafted a delicious dessert vape to hit all your sugar cravings. Sugar Cookies layered with sweet cream, and a hint of marshmallow fluff.  Say hello to your next...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Just Peachy

    Just Peachy by mLNikon

    From $9.99
    Just Peachy by mLNikon is a rich decadent cheesecake topped with a sweet syrupy peach sauce. No sweetener added. For a stronger sweet note, add your favorite sweetener between 0.25%...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Banana French Toast

    Banana French Toast One Shots

    From $7.99
    Enjoy the delicious breakfast taste of Banana French toast! This one shot expertly pairs the taste of buttery french toast with sweet creamy bananas. Recommended Percentage: 17%
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Longing Ice Cream

    Longing by ID10-T 30ml

    From $9.99
    A honeysuckle-infused homemade ice cream that will leave you desperate for more. Recommended Percentage: 7.5
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Bake Sale

    Bake Sale by Jennifer Jarvis

    From $9.99
    Soft in the center, crisp edges, the taste of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie is just divine when dunked in a glass of milk, but what makes it even...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Sweet Summer Chilled

    Sweet Summer Chilled 30ml by Apexified

    From $7.99
    As its invigorating tart kiwi bite quickly gives way to full-bodied juicy sweetness, this exemplifies the supremacy of the Arctic Beauty variety of the emerald fruit over its fuzzy brother....
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Waterberry Breeze

    Waterberry Breeze by RinVapes

    From $9.99
    Waterberry Breeze by RinVapes is a light and refreshing blend with watermelon on the forefront with berry, menthol, and citrus accents.  Recommended One Shot Percentage: 8-10%
    FlavourArt flavors: RE (King) PAZZO Collection

    King (RE) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    RE (King) is a soft chewy black currant candy with a light sugar coating. Recommended Percentage: 4%    Disclaimer: One-Shots contain a complex blend of flavor concentrates.  One-Shot concentrates must...
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Breakfast Boss

    Breakfast Boss by Jennifer Jarvis

    From $9.99
    Banana, clusters of granola and nuts, smothered in a light vanilla cream. If you like that other "boss" mixture, you'll go nuts for this one at a much lower cost....
    One Shot Flavor Concentrates: Peanut Butter Milkshake

    Peanut Butter Milkshake by DEVELOPED

    From $9.99
    Peanut Butter Milkshake by DINER A delish and decadent combination of peanut butter drowned in a  smooth, malted, milkshake. Recommended Usage:  14% Allow 7 days for the flavors to infuse...
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