We know that you're often in a rush when looking for flavors to use in your next DIY e-liquid recipe. Whether you're a DIY novice working on your very first e-juice or you're an expert looking for something new to try in your next recipe, or even if you've just been taking a look at our e-liquid recipe bookecigExpress wants you to have the best vaping experience possible. In order to do that, we've sorted all of our e-liquid flavorings so you can easily shop for the perfect things to make exactly the e-liquid you want to vape with. Ready-made e-liquids can be found here.

Please note that these products are concentrated flavorings; they are *not* e-liquids. Do *not* vape with these unless they have been diluted in a PG/VG e-liquid base solution.

For the best results when making your next DIY e-juice, please feel free to consult the ecigExpress e-liquid calculator to ensure you have the correct PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength for your next batch. 

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