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    Ethyl Maltol Powder (Cotton Candy Flavor)

    Ethyl Maltol Powder (Cotton Candy Flavor)

    From $99.99
    A crystal powder which has the taste of sugar/caramel/cotton candy.  Ethyl Maltol is a very pleasant smelling chemical that is used as a flavor in several industries, including the food,...

    Menthol Crystals

    Menthol crystals.   Use sparingly as these menthol crystals are very strong.  A little goes a long way!  You may also make your own menthol drops by placing a few grams...

    Neotame Powder Sweetener

    NEOTAME Powder Sweetener Neotame is a low-cost sugar alternative that satisfies your desire for sweet tastes without the calories. Its high sweetness intensity offers the ability to recreate desirable sugar...

    Sucralose Powder

    Pure sucralose powder.  No fillers or additives to add weight. Did you know 20g of sucralose is the sweetener equivalent of 20lbs of sugar?  Also, sucralose is twice as sweet...

    WS-23 Powder

    WS-23 is a cooling agent that has little or no odor or taste. As opposed to other cooling agents, WS-23 is more round and smooth in character. This additive is...
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