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    Rhodonite by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots The recipe that started it all. Rhodonite is perfectly balanced Raspberry & Apple Macaron, topped with powdered sugar.   BEST MIXED AT 9.3%

    Stacio RY4U by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots This recipe was born out of necessity. Flavor profile is light and sweet pistachio laid upon a warm sugar cookie accompanied by a smooth and...

    Tiger's Blood Ones Shots

    If you have the heart of a champion, you will love Tiger's Blood by Express DIY Concentrates! Add the sweet taste of a fruit cocktail with watermelon, cherry, kiwi, and...

    MTS Vape Wizard by FlavourArt

    MTS stands for mellow, thick, and smooth, which is why this flavor can be so useful in your DIY recipe. It acts as a flavor booster. Be careful, though, because...

    Cream by Flavorah

    No flavor beats the home-grown flavor and aroma of Cream by Flavorah. Try Cream on its own for its realistic sweet, milky flavor and aroma, or combine it with coffee,...

    Saturday Morning One Shots

    Relive your youth with the nostalgically delicious taste of this fruity breakfast cereal recipe concentrate! Creamy and sweet in flavor, this mix will satisfy for sweet tooth without rotting your...

    Triple C's by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots This recipe has been considered one of Wayne’s best recipes to date. It’s an extremely complex and layered Caramel cake with an underlying base of “soft-crack”...

    Shisha Vanilla by Inawera

    $3.49 $2.99
    Enjoy the smooth, rich taste of authentic shisha and sweet vanilla with Shish Vanilla by Inawera. Shisha Vanilla is good on its own or when paired with other fruit flavors....

    Rosky Milk by DIY or DIE One Shots

    DIY or DIE One Shots A recipe that took over 6 months of development, Rosky Milk is one of the most authentic cereal milk flavors to date. If you're tired...

    Toucan's Choice One Shots

    Toucan's Choice is the flavor of your favorite fruit packed breakfast cereal. Whether you just love its mysterious combination of fruit flavors, or if you just want to enjoy this...

    Coconut by Flavors Express

    $2.99 $1.99
    The unique flavor of Coconut, known worldwide, is just as refreshing on its own as combined with other flavors in your DIY recipe. Use Coconut by itself for a taste...

    Strawberry Custard One Shots

    Enjoy the decadent taste of Strawberry Custard! This recipe pairs ripe strawberries with a sweet creamy custard flavor that is a tried and true favorite!   Recommended Starting Percentage: 15%...

    Menthol by Flavors Express

    $2.99 $2.49
    Menthol is pure minty coolness, and this particular Menthol flavoring is highly concentrated. Take care, because just a small amount is all you need to create a delicious DIY recipe. For...

    Orange by Flavors Express

    $2.99 $0.99
    Orange is the sweet and tangy breakfast and juice flavor that seems to go with nearly everything. Used by itself to flavor a DIY recipe, Orange gives your recipe a...

    Salted Caramel Cupcake One Shots

    If you like the taste of salted caramel heavily drizzled over rich frosting and served on a moist cupcake foundation, then salted Caramel Cupcake from Express DIY is the obvious...

    Menthol Crystals

    Menthol crystals.   Use sparingly as these menthol crystals are very strong.  A little goes a long way!  You may also make your own menthol drops by placing a few grams...

    Submergence One Shots

      With rich berry flavors as deep and blue as the sea itself, Submergence offers an exotic blue raspberry taste that will satisfy even the most fickle vaping pallet.  ...

    Cookie Dough by Flavorah

    The flavor you experience from Flavorah’s Cookie Dough is the cookie when the butter, brown sugar and vanilla meet the flour.  This highly concentrated flavor pairs well with dessert and bakery recipes....

    RY4-Ever One Shots

    RY4-ever is a delicious bakery flavor that sits more on the sweet bakery and dessert side of the flavor spectrum. It’s flavor is comparable to a caramel glazed sticky roll...

    Natural Blackberry (FW)

    Are you looking for a concentrated natural blackberry flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of Flavor West flavor extracts in the U.S. Natural Blackberry by Flavor West. Tastes great...

    Passion Fruit (FW)

    Are you looking for a concentrated passion fruit flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of Flavor West flavor extracts in the U.S. Passion Fruit is a versatile flavor...

    Cupcake Batter by Flavorah

    Now you can enjoy that fresh right-before-the-oven taste with Cupcake Batter from Flavorah! This sweet dessert flavor goes well with fruit, candy, and confection recipes. Cupcake Batter is a multi-purpose...

    Butterscotch by Flavorah

    Enjoy the rich sweet taste of Butterscotch by Flavorah in your next DIY mix! Butterscotch by Flavorah boasts a sweet caramel taste that will pair well with other flavors suitable...
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