Rose Milk by DIY or DIE One Shots

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DIY or DIE One Shots

Are you interested in the most popular One Shot Flavor Concentrate in the market?

Rose Milk DIY or DIE One Shot Concentrates is the most popular in the line. Providing the taste of fresh strawberries, cream, vanilla bean ice cream, and a subtle cookie aftertaste.  So many people have enjoyed this delicious recipe!

Many people say that this strawberries and cream recipe is something that they can enjoy all day, every day. It's that good! 

Recommended Starting Percentage: 15%

Recommended Steep Time: 7 Days

Applications: Beverage, home brewing, food, bakery, dessert, gummy candy, aromatherapy, perfumes, fragrance, potpourri, and "scratch and sniff" applications. Get creative with the endless combinations of our flavors!
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