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What Flavor Are Swedish Fish

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Swedish Fish Concentrate

There are many candy flavors that we adore, but do we actually know what flavor they are?  This is particularly true with Swedish Fish.  These delicious red soft candies are absolutely tasty, but what do they taste like?

Normally, red candy should taste like cherry, right?  And you would also expect that a purple candy would taste like grape.  However, with Swedish fish, it is not following the candy color rules!

What is the flavor of swedish fish you ask?

Swedish Fish candies have a unique flavor that is often described as a combination of fruitiness, with some people associating it with a subtle berry flavor or a hint of raspberry. The exact flavor is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, as the manufacturer, Mondelez International, simply describes it as a "Swedish Fish flavor." It's a sweet, fruity taste that many people enjoy.

Want us to describe them in a more fun and relatable way?  This is our favorite answer for what is the flavor of swedish fish:

Swedish Fish, those delightful little red treasures, taste like a fruity, berry-infused party in your mouth! They've got a joyful, almost mixed-berry medley that's both sweet and satisfying. It's like a flavor fiesta that'll make you grin from ear to ear. Dive in and let the fruity fun begin!

What's the story with Swedish Fish anyway?

Once upon a time in the magical land of Sweden, a candy connoisseur had a brilliant idea. They thought, "What if we create a chewy, fish-shaped candy that's both sweet and fun?" And so, Swedish Fish were born! These tasty sea creatures first appeared in the 1950s and quickly swam their way into candy-loving hearts around the world.

Now, they're known for their iconic red color and that playful, fruity flavor that makes everyone smile. No fishing pole needed to catch these fish – just a sweet tooth and a sense of fun!

Ready to try out some Swedish Fish Type flavor?



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