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What is a One Shot?

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One Shot flavor concentrates

What is a One Shot Flavor?

In the DIY flavor scene, a One Shot is simply a complete flavor concentrate composed of various flavors, used to flavor candy, gummies, baked goods, mixed drinks, and more. Think of a One Shot as a chefs complete creation.  An entire recipe in a bottle.  Our One Shots are great on their own so you do not need to buy multiple flavors.  One Shots makes mixing very simple as you do not have to think about ratios and try countless combinations of flavorings to find a delicious flavor profile.   For those looking to make great tasting candy, baked goods, or aromatic applications, One Shots are the way.

Our One Shots are of the highest quality made using only the finest ingredients.


Why use One Shots?

In essence, One Shot flavorings are excellent because they taste great, do not require endless trial and error, and can save you time. Because they are guaranteed to taste great in your application, they are money savers.

How do I use a One Shot?

Each of our One Shots come with a recommended mixing percentage.  We list percentages for different applications including candy, baked goods, water, and aromatic applications.  Simply start at our recommended percentage and adjust to your personal taste preferences.  


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