Blue Raspberry (FW)
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Blue Raspberry (FW)

Blue Raspberry by Flavor West

Are you looking for a concentrated blue raspberry flavor? Flavor Jungle is one of the biggest distributors of Flavor West flavor extracts in the U.S.

Blue Raspberry by Flavor West provides the tart, sour taste you might get when biting into a fresh raspberry. This is one of the most popular flavors in this line, so you won't want to miss mixing with it.

We recommend mixing this flavor with sweet fruit flavors—such as strawberry, blueberry, or sweet raspberry flavors—to create a sweet and tart fruit candy recipe.

Many people use Strawberry Ripe, Candy Watermelon, and Unicorn vomit for a delicious candy recipe! For those with a sweet tooth, many people add sweetener to their DIY recipes.

Usage tips: If you're using Blue Raspberry on its own, try starting at 10%, then adjusting to taste. If you're mixing it with other flavors, we recommend starting at 2-5%, then adjusting to taste, depending on the other flavors you are using.

Blue Raspberry Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Blue Raspberry Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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