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    Capella Flavors: Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

    Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Capella Flavors

    From $2.00
    Sweet, fruity, and candy-like, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy will take your fruit-flavored DIY recipe to the next level. With its complex array of rich berry flavors, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy...
    Capella Flavors: Green Apple Hard Candy

    Green Apple Hard Candy by Capella Flavors

    From $2.00
    Green Apple Hard Candy from Capella is a tangy apple will make your lips pucker with excitement. Dive into the bold fruit flavor of tart green apple in an unmistakable...
    Capella Flavors SilverLine: 27 Fish

    27 Fish by Capella Flavors - SilverLine

    From $1.49
    Catch the flavor of a delicious raspberry treat paired with a fragrant red licorice aroma with 27 Fish from Capella’s Silver line! The sweet smooth chewy sensation of 27 Fish...
    Capella Flavors: Strawberry Taffy

    Strawberry Taffy by Capella Flavors

    From $2.00
    Sweet and delicious, Strawberry Taffy from Capella has the taste of taffy dipped in sweet strawberries! This flavor is perfect for those looking to enhance their candy recipes. Try mixing it...
    Capella Flavors SilverLine: Candied Watermelon

    Candied Watermelon by Capella Flavors - Silverline

    From $1.49
    Do you enjoy sweet recipes? How about a candy-flavored fruit recipe? Capella's Watermelon will provide all of these flavors in your next DIY recipe. This flavor concentrate mixes well with...
    Capella Flavors: Sweet Candy

    Sweet Candy by Capella Flavors

    From $2.00
    If you are looking to add the perfect candy note to your fruit or beverage recipe , then Sweet Candy by Capella Flavors has you covered! Sweet Candy can turn...
    Capella Flavors SilverLine: 27 Bears

    27 Bears by Capella Flavors - SilverLine

    From $1.99
    Satisfy your inner sweet tooth with Capella’s 27 bears! This flavor is a sugary clear textured delight that will that will please your taste buds and leave you hungry for...
    Capella Flavors: Jelly Candy

    Jelly Candy by Capella Flavors

    From $2.00
    Jelly Candy is a mouthwatering flavor that will add the deliciously sweet taste of Jelly Candy to any of your fruit-based DIY recipes. While delicious as a standalone flavor, Jelly...
    Capella Flavors Silverline: Rainbow Candy

    Rainbow Candy by Capella SilverLine

    From $1.49
    A bold new flavor from Capella Silver Line, Rainbow Candy provides the taste of hard candy. Enjoy sweet orange, lemon, grape, strawberry, and lime, all in one flavor.  We recommend experimenting...
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