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Capella Flavors are hugely popular among flavor enthusiasts  The flavors taste great, and they’re easier to use. You really can’t go wrong with Capella because their flavors are so easy to use!

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    Sweet Strawberry by Capella Flavors

    Delicious in everything from beverages to desserts, this rich Sweet Strawberry flavor will surely become a staple ingredient in your DIY recipes. With its sweet and juicy taste, Sweet Strawberry...

    Vanilla Custard by Capella Flavors

    Add a dash of this rich Vanilla Custard flavor to your next DIY recipe and relish its satisfying taste. The sweet overtones and vanilla aroma of Vanilla Custard is mild...

    Sugar Cookie by Capella Flavors

    For a hint of sweetness in your DIY recipe, add some Sugar Cookie. Sugar Cookie tastes sweet and rich by itself, and it mixes well with confection and cream flavors. ...

    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream by Capella Flavors

    A rich and creamy ice cream flavor with a thick and satisfying finish. Who could ask for more? Vanilla Ice Cream by Capella is a great starting point for creamy...

    New York Cheesecake by Capella Flavors

    Add a hint of this rich New York Cheesecake flavor to your favorite recipe. For a sweet taste and creamy finish, try New York Cheesecake by itself, or mix it...

    Sweet Cream by Capella Flavors

    Want to make your DIY recipe creamier? Capella’s Sweet Cream is a staple concentrated flavor and mixes well in many fruit and beverage recipes.  

    Golden Pineapple by Capella Flavors

    Try this deliciously sweet and tangy Golden Pineapple. Great by itself or in combination with fruit, cream, beverage and dessert flavors, Golden Pineapple is both versatile and tasty.  

    Sweet Mango by Capella Flavors

    If you're looking for a juicy and sweet fruit flavor, why not try the fruity taste of this Sweet Mango? Mango is the world's most popular fruit for a very...

    Sweet Tangerine by Capella Flavors

    Sweeten your DIY recipe with this rich Sweet Tangerine flavor. For a delicious burst of sweet citrus, you can enjoy the taste of Sweet Tangerine all day. We recommend experimenting by adding dessert, cream,...

    Cinnamon Danish Swirl by Capella Flavors

    Start your day off right with this rich Cinnamon Danish Swirl flavor in your DIY recipe. With its sweet pastry flavor and aroma of cinnamon, Cinnamon Danish Swirl tastes great...

    Sweet Guava by Capella Flavors

    Sweet Guava gives you the taste of the popular fruit for a rich and relaxing flavor no matter what DIY recipe you add it to. Sweet and juicy by itself,...

    Double Apple by Capella Flavors

    Can’t decide whether you prefer Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples? Try using Capella’s Double Apple flavor in your next DIY recipe. Better yet, this is the flavor that really...

    Harvest Berry by Capella Flavors

    Add some berry flavor with the rich taste of Harvest Berry by Capella in your DIY recipe. With the taste of mixed sweet berries, Harvest Berry makes for a delightful...

    French Vanilla by Capella Flavors

    Need a versatile flavor for your DIY recipe? Add French Vanilla to your favorite coffee, beverage or dessert recipe. This rich and creamy French Vanilla flavor tastes great and has...

    Butter Cream by Capella Flavors

    Butter Cream is the filling often used in cakes and pastries. There is nothing quite like this silky smooth flavor. Use it to tie together your dessert recipes in a...

    Juicy Peach by Capella Flavors

    Add a splash of Juicy Peach to your favorite fruit or dessert recipes. This flavor has huge potential, and it doesn’t take much of it to transform your recipe! Sweet,...

    Blueberry Jam by Capella Flavors

    Whether it's with peanut butter in a sandwich or by itself as a dessert, Blueberry Jam is one of the best jam flavors because its natural blueberry tartness keeps it...

    Vanilla Custard (V2) by Capella Flavors

    Add a dash of this rich Vanilla Custard flavor to your next recipe and relish its satisfying taste. The sweet overtones and vanilla aroma of Vanilla Custard is mild by...

    Sweet Watermelon by Capella Flavors

    Add the taste of summer to your recipes with this rich Sweet Watermelon flavor. Sweet and juicy, this flavor mixes well with beverage, fruit and dessert recipes.  

    Lemon Meringue Pie by Capella Flavors

    With its combination of tart lemon, sweet pudding, and shortbread, nothing beats the flavor of Lemon Meringue Pie. And now you can enjoy the taste of this heavenly light and...

    Juicy Lemon by Capella Flavors

    Add some zest to your DIY recipe with this rich Juicy Lemon flavor for a refreshing citrus burst. Juicy Lemon is the ideal lemon flavor to use in a custom...

    Golden Butter by Capella Flavors

    Add a bit of  Golden Butter to your next DIY recipe! Golden Butter by Capella has a rich buttery flavor that works very well in dessert and bakery recipes.

    Cereal 27 by Capella Flavors

    Enjoy the the sweet butter and brown sugar cereal taste of Cereal 27 by Capella. Cereal 27 offers a complex flavor profile that tastes great when used in a DIY recipe....
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