Triple C's by DIY or DIE One Shots

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DIY or DIE One Shots

This recipe has been considered one of Wayne’s best recipes to date. It’s an extremely complex and layered Caramel cake with an underlying base of “soft-crack” butterscotch topped with a light vanilla cream that is sure to impress anyone who loves bakeries and custards.

The recipe is extremely demanding and incorporates many different ingredients, so making this a concentrate allows everyone to experience this amazing recipe with little work and expense.

This recipe is best mixed at 15% concentration with a 60VG/40PG base and steeped for a long 2-3 weeks.

Applications: Beverage, food, bakery, dessert, gummy candy, aromatherapy, perfumes, fragrance, potpourri, and "scratch and sniff" applications. Get creative with the endless combinations of our flavors!
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