Flavor West

Sometimes referred to as FW, Flavor West is a hugely popular brand of DIY flavors that you’ll find in tons of recipes.

FW is widely known for candy and beverage flavors, so you should be able to use some of these flavors in your e liquid recipes. Blueberry and Unicorn Vomit are flavors that you MUST try! Some of the names are a little strange, but we think they taste fantastic! 

FW is also known for their low prices, too. Their prices are REALLY low. So if you want to make e liquid that is cheap AND high quality, you’ll definitely want to explore these products.

Flavor West Best Sellers

We carry over 400 FW flavors, so we know it might be challenging to pick ones you might like. Here is a list of their best-selling flavors to help you out. 

  1. Blueberry
  2. Unicorn Vomit
  3. Sweetener
  4. Blue Raspberry
  5. Yellow Cake
  6. Grape
  7. Strawberry
  8. Yellow Cake
  9. Sweet Cream
  10. Butterscotch

You probably notice a lot of fruit flavors on this list. We recommend trying these out in your candy and beverage recipes. If your interested in these types of flavors, check out our entire selection of candy and beverage flavors, which includes every flavor brand that we carry! 

The Advantages of Flavor West

As you work through FW flavors to make your candy recipes, we recommend mixing them with flavors from other brands. The Flavor Apprentice, for example, also produces VERY good candy flavors, and FlavourArt offers flavors that taste authentic.

We recommend experimenting with all of these brands because it’ll help you figure out what you like best, and it’ll help you create ejuices that you love. 

Note: FW flavors are concentrated flavors.  They must be added as part of a complete recipe.

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