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FlavourArt (FA Flavors)

FlavourArt (also known as FA flavors) is a leading manufacturer of high quality flavor concentrates. We are proud to be one of their biggest distributors. FA flavors taste authentic, and they produce a variety of fruit, dessert, tobacco, sweet, and spice flavor concentrates.
If you’re new to flavors, you might be wondering why so many mixers use this brand. It’s because FlavourArt flavors taste authentic (rather than candy-like), and they are easy to use.  Let’s go into a little more detail before you explore the product catalog.
What Do They Taste Like?
Their flavors taste authentic. For example, if you use their Fuji Apple, your recipe will taste just like eating a real Apple. The nice thing is that you don’t have to guess what the flavor will taste like. You’ll generally get the flavor that you expect, so there are no surprises.
Most mixers include different brands in their creations. If you want a strawberry candy flavor, for example, you might use Red Touch (Strawberry) and mix it with a Sweet Strawberry Cream and other candy fruit flavors.
These flavors are also VERY affordable, so you’ll be able to make a lot of DIY recipes at a low cost. 

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    FlavourArt flavors: Queen (Regina) PAZZO Collection

    Queen (Regina) PAZZO Collection by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Queen is a beautifully bright and fruity combo sure to please the tastebuds! Recommended Percentage: 7% Disclaimer: One-Shots contain a complex blend of flavor concentrates.  One-Shot concentrates must be mixed with...
    FlavourArt Flavors: Guava

    Guava by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Guava is a sweet, fruity flavor with tangy undertones, something like a blend of kiwi and strawberry flavors. Although the exotic flavor of Guava tastes great by itself, you might...
    FlavourArt Flavors: Mangosteen

    Mangosteen by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    The sweet and tangy, yet juicy flavor of the Mangosteen is an ideal complement to any DIY recipe involving fruit, citrus, dessert, cola, or liquor flavors.   
    FlavourArt flavors: Walnut

    Walnut by FlavourArt

    From $5.99
    A classic nut flavor with subtle woody undertones, Walnut tastes equally great by itself or mixed in a DIY recipe with nut, floral, confection, or fruit flavors. Many users enjoy this...

    Storm by FlavourArt

    Embrace the storm with this dark and spicy tobacco flavor by Flavourart. With hints of clove, juniper, cardamom and balsam, this flavor provides the robust flavor of spiced tobacco, with sweet undertones....
    FlavourArt flavors: Juicy Blueberry
    FlavourArt Flavors: Magic Mask

    Magic Mask by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Magic Mask reduces the tartness of a DIY recipe without changing its acidity. If your recipe tastes too sour, Magic Mask by FlavourArt is the perfect solution that creates a delicious taste.  ...
    FlavourArt flavors: Wine White

    Wine White by FlavourArt

    From $2.99
    Wine White is a more forgiving flavor than Wine Red. Bitter at the front with a sweet aftertaste, Wine White is indeed a great flavor on its own. It is,...

    Dusk Tobacco by FlavourArt

    Dusk Tobacco offers a hint of licorice, fine tobacco, and wood, FlavourArt's Dusk tobacco provides a soft, delicate tobacco taste, and will effortlessly provide you with a smooth flavor. First,...
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