Ethyl Maltol Powder (Cotton Candy Flavor)

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A crystal powder which has the taste of sugar/caramel/cotton candy. 

Ethyl Maltol is a very pleasant smelling chemical that is used as a flavor in several industries, including the food, beverage, and fragrance industry. 

Ethyl Maltol sweetens flavors in liquid.

Suggested use:  Dissolve 1 gram ethyl maltol in 9ml of propylene glycol.  TIP:  Warm the propylene glycol in the microwave, then add ethyl maltol powder to the warm propylene glycol. 

Diluted mixture can then be added to your liquid. Start with one or two drops per 6ml of liquid.  Add more or less to suit your taste.

alcohol, 12%
propylene glycol, 5.5%

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