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    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy (TFA)

    From $9.99
    The Flavor Apprentice. Cotton Candy flavor can give you the sweet taste (and, more importantly, the sweet smell) of this light airy treat without the mess. It's just like the...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Grape Candy

    Grape Candy (TFA)

    From $8.99
    Sweet, juicy, fruity, and…candy? That's right! You can now enjoy the taste of your favorite childhood grape flavor whenever you want with Grape Candy by The Flavor Apprentice. Grape Candy...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Watermelon Candy

    Watermelon Candy (TFA)

    From $11.99
    Whether sour, sweet, hard or gummy the best thing about watermelon candies is that it always feels like some of the refreshing juiciness of the original watermelon stays in it....
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Coconut Candy

    Coconut Candy (TFA)

    From $9.99
    The Flavor Apprentice. With its cool Caribbean flavor and sweet undertones, Coconut Candy is a favorite in our island mixes. We recommend trying Coconut Candy by itself, or use it...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Caramel Candy

    Caramel Candy (TFA)

    From $8.99
    The Flavor Apprentice. A perennial favorite flavor, the rich and smooth flavor of Caramel Candy is a classic. We recommend mixing Caramel Candy with apple, apple pie, and other dessert...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum (TFA)

    From $7.99
    The Flavor Apprentice. Do you miss the old days on the schoolyard when you were excited to chew some Bubble Gum as you looked through your new pack of baseball...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Cinnamon Red Hots

    Cinnamon Red Hots (TFA)

    From $9.99
    The Flavor Apprentice. This is the exact flavor of that hard candy you surely remember from your childhood. Cinnamon Red Hots flavor is slightly sweet, and this combination gives it...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Circus Cotton Candy

    Circus Cotton Candy (TFA)

    From $11.99
    The Flavor Apprentice. Circus Cotton Candy is sure to remind you of summer nights walking along the boardwalk and rides on the Ferris wheel. Lose yourself in the memories of...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Gummy Candy

    Gummy Candy (TFA)

    From $8.99
    Sweet, slightly tart, fruity and toothsome, that's the flavor you'll get when you add The Flavor Apprentice's Gummy Candy flavor to your next recipe. We recommend mixing this flavor with fruit...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Bubble Gum Fruity

    Bubble Gum Fruity (TFA)

    From $9.99
    The flavor of Bubble Gum Fruity is modeled after that of a popular chewing gum. Light and bright,  Bubble Gum Fruity has a refreshing sweet banana flavor. Use Bubble Gum Fruity...
    The Flavor Apprentice (TFA Flavors): Apple Candy

    Apple Candy (TFA)

    From $13.99
    Bring the taste of America's favorite candy flavor with Apple Candy by The Flavor Apprentice.
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