Banana Cream Flavor By LA Flavors

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Banana Cream is the perfect cream flavor to mix with dessert and fruit flavors in a DIY recipe. Whether you use Banana Cream by itself for its sweet taste and delicious aroma, or mix it with other flavors as part of your own special recipe, Banana Cream might well become your favorite DIY recipe.

1 oz = 29.5 ml

LA Flavors products are super-strength flavors and and are 3 to 4 times stronger than supermarket extracts. A little goes a long way! LA Flavors (also known as candy oils) are not diluted in water or oil.

Applications: Beverage, home brewing, food, bakery, dessert, gummy candy, aromatherapy, perfumes, fragrance, potpourri, and "scratch and sniff" applications. Get creative with the endless combinations of our flavors!
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