Cake Batter Flavor by LorAnn Oils - DRAM

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Cake Batter Flavor by LorAnn Oils

Indulge in the sweet symphony of our Cake Batter flavoring! Elevate your treats with the essence of freshly mixed batter, perfect for cakes, cupcakes, and more. Our premium formula ensures an authentic taste that's both rich and irresistible. With its versatility, you can infuse a burst of bakery-fresh goodness into frostings, ice creams, and even beverages. Create confectionery masterpieces with ease – just a few drops unlock a world of decadent possibilities. Unleash your creativity and savor the deliciousness of Cake Batter, the must-have flavor for every baking enthusiast. Elevate your culinary experience with this delectable delight!

Size:  1 DRAM 

(About 3.69ml)

Applications: Beverage, home brewing, food, bakery, dessert, gummy candy, aromatherapy, perfumes, fragrance, potpourri, and "scratch and sniff" applications. Get creative with the endless combinations of our flavors!
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