Ultimate Vanilla Custard by FlavorJungle

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Savor the irresistible temptation of our Ultimate Vanilla Custard, crafted to perfection. Indulge in the luscious symphony of rich, creamy goodness, elevated by a tantalizing vanilla infusion. Experience the divine blend of delectable flavors, leaving you longing for more with each heavenly, slightly eggy spoonful. by FlavorJungle!

 Starting Percentage varies by application.

Suggested Percentage:  Up to 5% (1-3% As Background or 3-5% As Main Note)

Applications: Beverage, home brewing, food, bakery, dessert, gummy candy, aromatherapy, perfumes, fragrance, potpourri, and "scratch and sniff" applications. Get creative with the endless combinations of our flavors!
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