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Real Flavors

Real Flavors mix very well with other brands and offer huge value without compromising quality.

These flavors are HIGHLY concentrated, so we recommend using them at a lower starting percentage of 1.5%- 2%. Then adjust to taste.

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    Blueberry Lemonade Slushie  (SC) by Real Flavors

    Blueberry Lemonade Slushie (SC) by Real Flavors

    From $0.99
    Blueberry Lemonade Slushie from Real Flavors pairs sweet blueberries with fresh lemonade. The end result is a delicious beverage flavor that will invigorate and refresh your tastebuds. Suggested starting percentage:...

    Watermelon Taffy (SC) by Real Flavors

    Enjoy the quintessential flavor of summer with watermelon taffy from Real Flavors! Watermelon Taffy pairs the delicious mouth watering taste of candy watermelon with sweet gooey taffy to make a...

    Pistachio (SC) by Real Flavors

    Enjoy the texture and flavor of salted Pistachio in your next recipe! Pistachio by Real Super Concentrates has a delicious nutty flavor that pairs well in bakery mixes as well...

    Blueberry (SC) by Real Flavors

    Now you can enjoy the harvest fresh taste of blueberries any season with Blueberry from Real Super Concentrates. This Blueberry flavor is ideal for fruit, beverage and candy DIY recipes....

    Tropical Rainbow Candy (SC) by Real Flavors

    Tropical Rainbow Candy (SC) by Real Flavors

    Caramel (SC) by Real Flavors

    Enjoy the sweet buttery taste of Caramel from Real Super Concentrates! Caramel pairs well with dessert and bakery flavors. These flavors are HIGHLY concentrated so we recommend using them at...

    White Chocolate (SC) by Real Flavors

    Satisfy your cravings with dreamy, milky White Chocolate from Real Super Concentrates! This flavor is a rich yet mild and milky chocolate with wisps of vanilla notes. White chocolate pairs...

    Raspberry (SC) by Real Flavors

    Enjoy the versatile flavor of Raspberry from Real Concentrates! This flavor is sweet with a slightly bitter taste and is ideal for bakery, fruit and jelly type recipes. These flavors...

    Blood Orange (SC) by Real Flavors

    Blood Orange (SC) by Real Flavors

    Peach (SC) by Real Flavors

    Add some sunlight to your day with the bright flavor of Peach by Real Super Concentrates. This flavor pairs well with other fruits, creams and dessert flavors. These flavors are...
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